Dr. Brian Weeks

Are you the picture of health? Learn how your personal photos, videos and voicemails could indicate a liver infection, digestive tract disorder, cancer and more. Plus, out-of-the-blue black and blues? Find out the meaning behind mysterious bruises.

Severe hoarseness and difficultly speaking and swallowing can be symptoms of vocal cord paralysis. Otolaryngologist Dr. Brian Weeks performs a laryngoscopy to explain how the vocal cords are examined.

Diane says she experiences unrelenting popping and clicking in her ears, and has a perpetual headache. She visits ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. Brian Weeks in search of help.

Who says everything is better in moderation? The Doctors show you how to bulk up, add inches and boost your beauty regime. Enhance your breasts, lips and lashes without surgery. Plus, how just one kiss is more powerful than sex!

Stewart, 27, suffered with hoarseness in his voice for six months. He visits otolaryngologist Dr. Brian Weeks to determine what is causing his hoarseness, and to correct the painful problem.

Actress Sally Field joins The Doctors to raise awareness about osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disease that affects four times more women than men. Learn steps to take to preserve the health of your bones.