Adrianne Curry’s Skin Concern

Model Adrianne Curry developed an unusual rash on her hands and face, shortly after a dental appointment. Find out the surprising source of Adrianne’s mystery rash, and see on how she is doing since meeting with a skin specialist.

The Doctors’ Medical Center

Food allergies, rashes, sensitive teeth – top specialists answer your biggest health questions. Plus, an easy-to-swallow camera capsule? Watch how the tiny pill-cam navigates your digestive system, and what it reveals on the way down.

Perils of Perfume

The right perfume can have an alluring power, but a surplus of scent can create the opposite effect. Learn how harmful chemical components of some perfumes can trigger asthma attacks, allergic dermatitis and may disrupt hormones and metabolic function!

Underarm Body Signals

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Glynis Ablon explains the visual signs of fungal infections, contact dermatitis and inverse psoriasis under the arms. Learn how to tell the difference and how each condition is treated.