Denise Austin

Skinny Snack Swaps

Fitness guru and author Denise Austin joins The Doctors, along with her daughter, Katie, to share simple snack swaps to help you curb cravings and lose weight. Click here to get the full recipes! Get more of Denise’s tips in her book, “Side Effect:...

Skinny Snack Swaps

Fitness guru Denise Austin shares three easy and delicious snack swaps to satisfy your cravings without ruining your diet.

Friday News Feed

Hear how a mother of two lost 40 pounds. Could her plan work for you? Get fitness expert Denise Austin’s seven-minute slimmer exercises. Plus, kale, tofu, grapefruit --They’re celebrity super foods. But should you believe the buzz?

Friday News Feed

Friday News Feed: Stay up to date on the latest health headlines and how they could be affecting you. Get fitness expert Denise Austin’s three healthy recipes. Plus, kale, tofu, grapefruit. They’re celeb super foods. But should you believe the buzz?

7-Minute Fat-Blasting Solution

Fitness guru Denise Austin joins The Doctors to share her 7-minute slimmers from her book "Side Effect: Skinny, Denise Austin’s Fat Blast Diet." Plus, meet Cheri who has lost 40 pounds from following Denise’s diet plan!

Celebrity Health Questions Answered

Singer La Toya Jackson opens up about her father, Joe’s, stroke. Then, actress Jodie Foster, comedian Garry Shandling and UFC World Champion Urijah Faber ask their most pressing health questions. Plus, tips for dining out from fitness guru Denise Austin.

50 Questions from 50 Ages

Health questions from viewers of all ages: Can you eat too much fruit? Why do you take some medications with food? And are "lefties" more at risk for heart problems? Plus 47 more questions answered!