Experts in the UK found fecal matter in the ice at multiple popular coffee chains. So The Doctors decided to conduct their own experiment on your favorite iced beverages. The results might shock you.

U.S. Water Contamination?

The Doctors, joined by environmental activist Erin Brockovich, discuss a new study released from the Environmental Working Group that found 218 million American’s water contains levels of chromium-6 that are considered dangerous.

Cruise Ship Catastrophe

The Doctors’ Investigative Reporter Melanie Woodrow reveals insider details on a cruise ship that’s being labeled a “giant, floating Petri dish.”

Inside The E.R. With Dr. Travis Stork

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Your Health in the Headlines

Do you measure up to the “Golden Ratio,” the equation that determines perfect beauty? And, if you drink soda from a can, you won’t believe what else you’re ingesting! Plus, how to prepare your teenager for her first period.

Can Contaminants

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork warns that if you drink soda -- or anything out of a can -- you won’t believe what else you may be ingesting!