Double Chin Fix without Surgery?

Can a double chin be fixed without going under the knife? We put a laser treatment to the test which claims to fix a double chin with husband and wife Alana and Chris, who both unhappy with their under-neck bulge.

A New Chin with Fillers!

If you are not happy with your chin, there’s an alternative to having major surgery or having a chin implant put in. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif shows The Doctors how the chin can be reshaped simply by using fillers.

What Women Need to Know from A to Z

From ageless eyes to catching your ZZZs, learn the ABCs of women’s health. Get longer hair, sexier skin and a plumper pout. Say vamoose to varicose veins and do away with that double chin. Plus, tips to firm flabby arms!

Five Cures in Five Minutes

The Doctors present five-minute cures for common ailments. See a procedure that stops nasal allergy symptoms for good. And, cosmetic dentist Dr. Dorfman shares dental Dos and Don’ts, including an instant cure for canker sores!