Warning about DIY Chemical Peels

The Doctors and producer Leslie Marcus investigate medical-grade chemical peels that some people are using at home and speak with Michelle, who scarred her skin with an at-home peel.

Chemical Burns from Deodorant?

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Burn Survivor Embraces Her Life with Scars

Every day over 300 kids are treated in the E.R. for burn-related injuries. Alyssa was just two years old when she suffered 3rd-degree burns on 75 percent of her face. This tragic accident changed her life and she joins The Doctors to share her incredible

Woman Burned by Jealous Ex Seeks Help

Francine was burned over 85% of her body at the hands of a jealous ex. Since then, she’s had limited use of her hands. See what happens when she visits plastic surgeons Dr. Lara Devgan and Dr. Joshua Zuckerman. Then, click here to see the special...