How Music Affects Your Focus

Tanya says she doesn’t understand how her 11-year-old son, William, can do his homework while listening to loud, rock music. The Doctors send Tanya and William to Brain Paint neurofeedback clinic to determine what types of music are best for focus. See...

Brain Blips

Ever walked into a room and have no idea why you entered? There is actually a surprising explanation for the phenomenon, known to some as a “brain blip” or a “brain fart.”

Matters of the Mind

Is it possible to think the pain away? Olympic medalist Mateo Mitchell joins The Doctors to reveal how mind over matter helped him cross the hardest finish line of his life, with a broken fibula.

Should You Eat Brains?

Brains have long been considered a culinary delicacy by many cultures, but are they safe to eat? Plus, discover the best foods to feed your brain.

How Brain Waves Work

Researchers are learning more about neurological activity in humans with Necomimi ears, fuzzy animal-like ears that are worn on the head and read the tiny electrical signals that leave the brain when neurons are fired. As the Necomimi ears read the...

Black Belt Brain

How do black belts karate-chop wooden blocks without a single flinch? OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson's son, Daniel Masterson, who has a black belt in karate, demonstrates.

Brains or Beauty?

The Doctors takes to the streets to see what people find more important: brains or beauty?