Beating Bladder Leaks Caused by Running

Urologist Jennifer Berman checks in with Laura, who experiences bladder leakages when running. Hear how she’s doing after trying Poise Impressa bladder supports, a new product that aims to prevent leaks before they happen. Sponsored by Poise Impressa.

Battling Bladder Leakage While Exercising

Millions of women who struggle with stress urinary incontinence experience leaks while being active. Urologist Jennifer Berman checks in with Laura, who has agreed to try a brand-new product that aims to help stop bladder leakage. Sponsored by Poise...

Controversial DIRECTV Commercial

A DIRECTV commercial featuring actor Rob Lowe has caused a backlash from people who suffer from shy bladder syndrome, or paruresis. Steve Soifer, CEO of the International Paruresis Association, joins The Doctors to raise awareness about the social...