Back Fat

Single mom Carol wasn’t happy with the way her back looked in a bra – so she decided to do something about it. See if a new flash-liposuction procedure can make “bra bulge” a thing of the past!

Watch as dermatological and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee performs a liposuction procedure on Lydia to get rid of her embarrassing back bump.

Hear the shocking story of a bullying incident that left a young girl with potentially permanent bald spots — and learn about a cutting-edge treatment that could help restore her hair. Plus, a radical operation you have to see to believe: Watch as one wom

Lydia, 42, has been hiding an embarrassing bump on her back for the past six years. Known as a “Buffalo Hump,” the bump, made up of fat deposits, limits Lydia’s mobility and makes her uncomfortable.

Lydia had been hiding an embarrassing bump on her back, which had formed from large fat deposits. See the results of the liposuction procedure that dermatologic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee recently performed on Lydia.

The Doctors show you how to banish your biggest body problems! Eliminate unsightly back fat with a new high-tech treatment. Plus, comfort foods that won’t add inches to your waistline! And, fast fixes to fade fine lines, boost your bust and shrink celluli