Baby Products

Arsenic in Baby Food?

The Doctors welcome Jackie Bowen, CEO and founder of “Clean Label Project,” to discuss their shocking study that claims lead, arsenic, mercury, BPA, and acrylamide can be found in some of the best-selling baby foods and formulas.

Orangutan Baby Shower?

A zoo in Texas is planning a baby shower for Mei the orangutan. They even set up a baby registry with some hilarious items!

Stay Connected While Feeding Your Baby?

The Swipe and Feed is a new product that has already stirred up a bit of controversy online. This gadget allows parents to feed their baby AND check their smart phone simultaneously. Is this multi-tasking at its best…or parenting at its worst?

Baby Duster?

The Baby Mop will allow your crawling baby to help keep your floors sparkling clean. Is this the perfect product for multi-tasking moms? Or just plain wrong?