Fight the flu WITHOUT getting a flu shot! Then, go behind the scenes of "Body of Proof" with actress Dana Delany. See how the hit show recreates actual autopsies. Is it true to real life? And, why the kind of car you drive could take years off your life!

Actress Dana Delany may play a medical examiner on the hit TV series Body of Proof, but how much does she really know about pathology? The Doctors put her to the test.

How will medical professionals determine the true cause of Whitney Houston's death? Pathologist Dr. Michael Fishbein explains what happens during an autopsy, and how toxicology will also play a role in the examination.

Certified pathologist Dr. Michael Fishbein gives 387-pound Nikki the ultimate wake-up call – a simulated autopsy on an overweight cadaver -- to show her the detrimental effects of obesity on the organs.