Man Removes Skin Tag 'Down There'

Jay first appeared on The Doctors earlier this season, where he asked a question about anal skin tags in our Medical Confessional. Proctologist Dr. Rosenfeld offered to remove his skin tag and we followed along for the procedure.

Bullfighter Gored!

Bullfighting can be a dangerous and sometimes deadly sport and bullfighter Antonio found out just how scary it can be when he was gored. The Doctors weigh in on the extent of his severe injuries.

A Tear Back There

Alan has been suffering pain in his butt cheek for more than a year. Originally diagnosed as hemorrhoids, the pain continued despite treatment and eventually became an open wound. Now, Alan has constant drainage from the area. Gastroenterologist Dr....

TMI Tuesday: The Breast and Booty Episode

It’s a special top-to-bottom edition of TMI Tuesday! From uneven breasts to a tear “back there,” see tips and treatments for embarrassing body issues. Plus, The Doctors’ Stool Squad reveals the full scoop on your poop! And, three new ways to boost your be

Treating Anal Fistulas

Alan has been suffering pain in his butt cheek for more than a year. Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez examines Alan and determines that the source of the problem is most likely an anal fistula — a canal leading from the colon all the way out to...

Ask the Specialists!

Don’t ask just anyone — ask a specialist! Top medical experts provide answers to your most specific questions. Get tips to improve your vision without glasses, learn the latest medical trends for your four-legged friends and more. Plus, three ways to chea