Travel Apps to Save Time & Money!

Holiday travel can prove to be both stressful and expensive. Travel blogger Gilbert Ott joins The Doctors to share his favorite apps to get you through this seasons hectic holiday travel.

Holiday Travel Money Saving Tips

With the holiday season upon us, chances are you will be doing plenty of traveling to see family and friends, so why not save money and time on getting there? The Doctors welcome travel expert Gilbert Ott who shares some great apps that can ease your wint

Hidden Airport Risks

Shape magazine reports that walking barefoot through the airport metal detector can put your health at risk. Find out how to keep your feet safe before getting on your flight!

Are You at Risk?

The Doctors reveals America’s biggest health epidemics. Find out if you’re at risk. And, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver gives one unhealthy family a wake-up call and teaches you how to eat healthier.