Adrienne Maloof

TV personality and businesswoman Adrienne Maloof reveals her go-to remedy for halting a hangover. Plus, The Doctors share more tips for preventing the dreaded feeling.

A painful, progressive eye disease caused a 24-year-old man to develop severe vision loss. See the cutting-edge procedure that restored his sight! Plus, cancer myth or reality — what you need to know about the deadly disease. And, essential earthquake saf

One of Adrienne Maloof's steps in staying healthy is by kickboxing. She and her trainer, kickboxing champion Kevin Brewerton, show OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson and E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork calorie-burning kickboxing moves!

Want to look great without breaking the bank? Try sardines for supple skin and ice for shiny hair to get salon style without leaving your kitchen! Plus, more cheap secrets for lavish looks from celebrities and pros.

Do your looks affect the size of your paycheck? The Doctors and Adrienne Maloof and plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif discuss the surprising research.