How EIGHT May Help You Lose WEIGHT!

Lose weight in eight seconds, minutes, days or weeks! Top signs you’re an emotional eater and how to stop. Simple kitchen swaps to slash calories. And delicious 100-calorie snacks. Plus, taking pictures of your food may help you lose weight.

The Doctors Take on Los Angeles!

From the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the Santa Monica Pier, The Doctors take on LA’s biggest health questions. Sculpt a “Baywatch” body with workouts you can do at home. Plus, Dr. Lisa joins the circus! And, which California fruit may help ward off cancer?

Santa Monica Pier Q&A

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon visit the world-famous Santa Monica Pier to meet with sunshine, sea breezes and lots of health questions! From rheumatoid arthritis and knee surgery to adrenaline rushes and selecting...

What happens when you are scared

The Doctors play a hair-raising trick to show how your body responds when you are frightened.

“What happens when you get that sort of stress response — that flight-or-fight response — a lot of things are going wrong,” E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork...

Emergency Situations: How to Save a Life

Could you save someone’s life in a dire situation? The Doctors give you must-have info for medical emergencies. Learn how to react if someone you love is bleeding from the mouth, nose or ears. Find out what to do when someone is having a seizure, how to d

Superhuman Strength

Lauren Kornacki from Glen Allen, Virginia exhibited superhuman strength when her father became pinned underneath a car. She was miraculously able to lift the car off his trapped body, drag him out and resuscitate him with CPR. E.R. physician Dr. Travis...

Adrenaline and Self Defense

Learn the importance of being prepared when it comes to self-defense tactics, especially when the body’s fight or flight response is activated.

In Case of Emergency: Would You Know What to Do?

How would you react in an emergency situation? The Doctors show you how to stay calm and collected in a worst-case scenario. Plus, best friends who saved each other’s lives during the tragic movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado share their story.