The Doctors' Hottie Healthy Hot Chocolate


Get the recipe for an antioxidant-rich winter warmer with healthier ingredients than traditional hot cocoa.

•  4 cups of almond milk
•  2 cinnamon sticks (split lengthwise), or cinnamon powder
(season to taste)

•  5-7 tsp. of cacao powder (to taste)
•  2 oz. of dark chocolate chips
•  6 tsp. of honey (adjust to taste)
•  2 tsp. pure vanilla extract (adjust to taste)

•  Microwave chocolate chips until soft, add to 2-quart pot or
•  Gently heat the almond milk, honey, cinnamon, chocolate chips
and vanilla until bubbles start to form.
•  Remove from heat and add the cacao, mixing thoroughly with a whisk.
•  Return to heat, frothing the mixture vigorously with the whisk
to create a thick foam, until the mixture is about to boil.
  Remove from heat.
•  To thicken further, let cool and heat once more.
•  Pour hot cocoa into individual mugs and serve immediately.