The Doctors' We Love Sleep Giveaway!

Sleep giveaway

It is National Sleep Week and we thought our viewers' deserved the chance to get some quality Zs.

Enter your information below for the chance to win one of these special sleep bundles! One winner per day through Friday, March 13th. Please enter "sleep" as the word of the day. BY SUBMITTING YOUR INFORMATION BELOW, YOU AGREE TO THE CONTEST RULES. One entry per person per day. 


The Dēp Slepwear Hoodie provides a rejuvenating cocoon-like sleep. The Dēp Sleep hoodie's cozy, breathable hood muffles sound, the integrated sleep mask blocks light, and the silky, sweat-wicking fabric helps keep your body cool.  


Juvea Pillows are made from pure 100% natural Talalay latex that is harvested from the Hevea tree and made in the USA. These pillows are naturally breathable, supportive, hypoallergenic, and inherently antimicrobial. The 100% natural JUVEA latex foam interior offers buoyant, airy support, temperature regulation, and evenly distributed density. 


Vybe Percussion Massage Gun promotes restful sleep! The Vybe is a well built high-quality machine with 5 speeds and a very powerful percussion vibration giving you up to 3,200 strokes per minute depending on the speed you select. 


Bedtime Bulb is the light bulb for healthy sleep. Use it in the evening to promote quality sleep and relaxation. Features:

  • LessBlue™: Helps drastically reduce blue light to promote quality sleep.
  • Vivid Colors: Makes your environment look beautiful
  • FlickerSafe™: Helps eliminate headache- and eyestrain-inducing flashing. 

The Bissell™ MyAir™ Personal Air Purifier is how Bissell makes clean air easy for people who worry about the air quality in their home. We designed it to be small, so it fits in your home, but it’s also packed with plenty of purifying power when it comes to indoor air care. Enjoy a peaceful sleeping environment with this purifier’s whisper-quiet levels.


Lavender Rose scents promote restful sleep by increasing slow-wave sleep! The World's Best Roses cut out the middleman and have your fresh, long stem roses cut and shipped same day overnight to your doorstep. 


Quilty Weighted Blanket is a high-tech top-notch weighted blanket that comes in 6 colors and varying weights (check out the product listing to see which weight is right for you) and even has a fluffy cover you can remove in the summer months.