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Playing Drs. Rx: See Former Loose Skin Advocate’s Beauty Makeover

Mind-Blowing Makeovers; Unbelievable Keloid Removal; Extreme Excess Skin Surgery

It’s a makeover spectacular! A woman loses six feet of excess skin! A man tormented by large keloids that ballooned across his face undergoes a medical makeover! A child born with an extra set of limbs receives a life-changing surgery! Rapper Siya reveals her new smile and surprises fans with a fresh new look! A mother covered in tiny tumors returns to the show for an update on her healing! Rosie Mercado puts Dr. Travis “Lose Your Belly Diet” to the test! The fitness star who made headlines for her six-pack abs during pregnancy shows off her tummy just nine days after giving birth! Plus, the surprising reason you should be saving your child’s baby teeth and the new medical guidelines that could put the tooth fairy out of business!