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Playing Drs. Rx: Doing THIS in Your Car Can Cause Fewer Accidents

Live Procedure of NEW “Natural” Filler; My House is a Beehive; Drs Exclusive: Toddler’s Rare Disease Turns Her Into “Hulk” Baby; 260-Week Pregnancy

A new “natural” filler is revealed live on the show! A woman discovers her home has become a beehive and turns to The Doctors for help! Would you choose to stay pregnant for 5 years to avoid maternity leave? The docs tackle paid maternity leave. In a Doctors’ Exclusive, a mom raises awareness about the rare disease turning her daughter into a “hulk baby”…and The Doctors surprise her in ways she never saw coming! Climate control bedding is put to the test! And are your kids at risk for kitchen burns? Are you making cleaning mistakes that could make you sick? Get the facts!