Las Vegas Shooting Victim Seeks Answers from the Other Side?; I Lost My Fingers to the Flu!; Drs. Exclusive: 8-Pound Tumor Removed from Man’s Face

A mother who lost her son in the tragic Las Vegas shooting reaches out for help. Can a psychic medium help her find answers from the other side? Then, how one man lost his fingers to the flu! Could you be at risk? Next, The Doctors go “Skin Deep” to answer all your dermatology questions! Could a healthy diet actually make your skin break out more? Plus, could trendy matte liquid lipsticks be harmful for your lips? Then, in a Drs. Exclusive, we revisit the story of a 22-year old man with a shocking facial tumor taking over his life. In one of the most complex medical stories in The Doctors history, see his transformation after having the 8-pound tumor removed! Next, could your protein smoothie be toxic? A new study reveals the disturbing ingredients that could be hiding in your protein powder! Then, is it bad to curse around baby? The surprising age infants may start understanding you! Plus, how one bad habit could be the reason why you’re single!