Dream Makeover Revealed; Is Your Child Drinking Mold?; Should Weddings Be Kid Free?; Shower Curtain Health Hack!

The Doctors discuss controversial stories in the headlines: could “manspreading” cost you a $500 fine? Then, a surrogate mother took the baby for herself and collected child support. Sofia Vergara’s lawyer stops by to explain how to prevent this from happening to you! Next, could your child’s sippy cup be filled with mold?! The photos will shock you! Plus the dangerous new way teens are getting drunk that you need to know about! Next, a viral video begs the question: should weddings be kid free? Plus, see The Doctors give a deserving cancer survivor a head to toe makeover! Then, a 3-year-old internet star takes over Dr. Ordon’s office! Plus, the bathroom blunder that could be hurting your health!