Playing Drs. Rx: Just 4 Minutes of THIS Activity Can Help Stop Aging

Actress’ Breast Cancer Battle At Age 30; Less Sex For Americans; National Hypochondria; New Cosmetic Fillers Put To The Test; America’s Most Amazing Nurse Top 5 Finalists

Why are Americans having less sex than ever? Are you living in one of America’s most hypochondriac cities and could it affect your health insurance? In a Drs’ Exclusive, Actress Kristi Rodriguez shares her breast cancer battle at age 30. A man says heartbreak caused his heart attack! Is it possible? Dr. Ordon puts the latest cosmetic fillers to the test…on himself! Meet the top five finalists of The Doctors and Prevention’s search for America’s Most Amazing Nurse! Plus, could your supplements have toxic levels of vitamin D? Stop cells from aging in just four minutes per day!