A Brush That Eliminates Cellulite?; Pickle Juice for a Hangover?; Perfectly Matched Makeup?; Millennial Addicts; Dead Bug Beauty?!; Could Working out While Sick Be Good for You?

Why one NYC gym is telling clients to strip down and workout! Then, why your vegetarian friend might be cheating on their diet! Next, The Doctors break down all the latest celebrity trends in a “Buzz or Bust!” First, should you brush your teeth with charcoal like Drake? Could a brush eliminate cellulite? And is pickle juice the hangover cure? Next, could a smartphone app perfectly match your makeup? Our team puts it to the test! Plus, meet the Millennial Addicts who will make you think again about whether your kids could be exposed to drugs. How these “girls next door” got good grades and college degrees as full-fledged addicts. Next, the beauty trend that will make your skin crawl! Plus, could working out while sick be good for you?