A Bearded Woman’s Incredible Makeover; Miraculous Stroke Recovery; Urinary Incontinence Procedure Put To The Test…With A Comedy Show; How To Find The Perfect Nude Lipstick

A woman with PCOS who was ridiculed for her “beard” has the last laugh with an incredible makeover! Then, it’s Dr. Mike Dow as you’ve never seen him, opening up about the stroke that nearly took his brother’s life and the remarkable recovery that will leave you in tears! A woman undergoes a urinary incontinence procedure that claims to eliminate embarrassing accidents and we put it to the test at a comedy show! The results are no joke! Should opiate dealers face manslaughter charges if their customer overdoses? The secret to finding the perfect nude lipstick may be found on your breast?! Find out the surprising ingredient to add to your guacamole to save calories & cash!