This Week on The Doctors

September 3 - 9, 2022
Monday, September 5 Episode #14012

How to Declutter Like a Mother!

‘90210’ actress Annalynne Mccord opens up about her childhood sexual abuse, trauma and her dissociative identity disorder diagnosis; Declutter like a mother with declutter expert Allie Cassaza; A dose of wellness for your inner child; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, September 6 Episode #14307
Wednesday, September 7 Episode #14067
Thursday, September 8 Episode #14072

Celebrities and Cancel Culture - Who Is Next?

Chrissy Teigen cancelled? Jenna Bush thumb sucker? Hollywood gossip expert Rob Shuter has all the T; Unacceptable baby talk with parenting expert Reena Patel; Managing the financial wedge in relationships with finance expert Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez; How to chill out over stress; Sleep expert tips with Dr. Michael Breus; Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, September 9 Episode #14015

Is Psychedelic Drug Treatment Right for You?

Drs. Investigate: Is psychedelic drug treatment right for you? Treating emotional issues with ketamine, ayahuasca, psilocybin and MDMA: The Research and the results; Discussion with board-certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. David Rabin, and senior investigative producer Les