This Week on The Doctors

August 27 - September 2, 2022
Monday, August 29 Episode #14065

Fears over New Product Targeting Teens!

Drs. Investigation: Dangerous “Delta 8”; Investigative producer Leslie Marcus and Dr. Yafai uncover new dangerous product targeting teens: “Delta 8”! Are the Kardashians really “slugging”? Dr. Azadeh Shirazi discusses new Hollywood beauty trends Infectious disease expert Dr. Monica Gandhi on a new drug-resistant bacteria that could be deadly; Is flirting good for your health? Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, August 30 Episode #14309

Diet Breakthrough for Mother & Daughter

Creating the ‘best you’ with Joel Osteen; Diet breakthrough for mother & daughter; ‘Drs. Squad’ debut with creator Jason Phipps; Discussing leek soup as cleanse with nutrition expert Dr. Melina Jampolis; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, August 31 Episode #14083
Thursday, September 1 Episode #14053
Friday, September 2 Episode #14062

Foods to Boost Your Libido!

Finding the key to happiness with author and Hollywood power broker Ken Lindner; The alchemy of joy with life coach Shirin Eskandani; ‘Live’ eye lift procedure with Dr. Catherine S. Chang; Nutritionist Keri Glassman on foods to boost libido; The world’s best boxing workout with Gideon Akande; Daily Power Prescription.