This Week on The Doctors

August 13 - 19, 2022
Monday, August 15 Episode #14075

Restoring Childhood after a Pandemic

Social media predators; Digital detox with Johann Hari; Restoring childhood after a pandemic with Johann Hari; Metaverse: fad or future with Jeremy Bailenson & Imran Ahmed; Making tofu taste terrific with nutritionist Malina Malkani; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, August 16 Episode #14078

Mom Forgives Man Who Sold Son Deadly Drugs

Mom forgives man who sold son deadly drugs; Kids learning bad behavior from adults with clinical psychologist Dr. Adolph Brown; Emergency lifesaving tips with fireman Roy Zoellner; The walking filter glow up with Hazel the beauty RN; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, August 17 Episode #14304

Beauticians Battling Domestic Violence

Beauticians battling domestic violence with Katie Ray-Jones the CEO Domestic Violence Hotline; The power grab addiction with Shaman Durek;12 must-have healthy habits with podcast host Emma Gunavardhana; Flawless face tips; Daily Power Prescription.

Thursday, August 18 Episode #14069

Woman Bullied for Body Hair!

HIV breakthrough! Epidemiologist Dr. Perry Halkitis on vaccine that could eradicate HIV; Woman bullied for body hair! Dodging diabetes with Dr. John Whyte chief medical officer of WebMD; Dr. Samantha Rawdin & nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein on cheese and oral health? Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, August 19 Episode #14082