This Week on The Doctors

August 6 - 12, 2022
Monday, August 8 Episode #14313

Heartbreak & Survival for TV Icon Charo

Heartbreak & Survival for TV Icon Charo; Busting your dentist in a lie? Treating Autism through the Gut? With pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Kara Margolis; Archeologist and author Dr. Bill Schindler on the benefits of prehistoric diets and food prep; Daily Power Prescription

Tuesday, August 9 Episode #14077

New Legislation Bans Tobacco Sales to Younger Generations

How adult content is impacting today’s youth with family psychologist Dr. Alexandra Solomon; New legislation bans tobacco sales to younger generations with law professor Katharine B. Silbaugh & professor of public health Micah Berman; Bucktooth bride makeover! P90X creator Tony Horton on the pitfalls of working out too much; Foods to fuel your body with food scientist and biochemical engineer Christine Hronec; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, August 10 Episode #14079

The Furry Fetish Explosion

The furry fetish explosion with ‘Furry Nation’ author Joe Strike; Diagnosed with Autism at 46! Understanding autism with Dr. Vanessa Bal from Rutgers University and why Elon Musk’s diagnosis helps build autism awareness; Muscle floss for that beach body with fitness expert Stephanie Mansour; Daily Power Prescription.

Thursday, August 11 Episode #14054

Eating Disorders Soar during Pandemic

Dr. Deborah Gilboa on why eating disorders have soared during the pandemic; Emily Roberts on how parents project insecurities onto kids; Two teens Carter & Ashton Kroeger start mental health nonprofit! Secret herbal soup to boost immune system with Rose Cheung & Genevieve Wong; Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, August 12 Episode #14081

Baywatch Beauty Unveils New Face

The Drs’ Beauty Show! Baywatch beauty Gena Lee Nolin unveils new face with Dr. Scott Gerrish; Live: Lip lift & liquid nose job procedures with Dr. Deepak Dugar & Dr. Ben Talei; Live in the O.R.: Groundbreaking tummy tuck with Dr. Joubin Gabbay; Home gym game changer with investigative producer Leslie Marcus; Daily Power Prescription.