This Week on The Doctors

July 30 - August 5, 2022
Monday, August 1 Episode #14061

Student Mental Health Days?

Dr. Debora Gilboa and Dr. Regine Muradian and Timothy Albores weigh in on students taking mental health days; brain health expert Dr. Daniel Amen shares the impact of pandemic stress on kids; Perfectionist coach Grace Brodeur on procrastination pitfalls; 10-Minute superhero workout with celebrity trainer Don Saladino; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, August 2 Episode #14073
Wednesday, August 3 Episode #14076
Thursday, August 4 Episode #14051

Treating Alzheimer’s with ED Pill?

Senior investigating producer Leslie Marcus does a deep dive into the toxicity of TikTok with Dr. Ish Major; Dr. Dale Bredesen on reducing the risk of getting Alzheimer’s with ED medication; Reversing your biological age in the kitchen with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald; Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, August 5 Episode #14074

Pecking Order for Organ Recipients?

Pecking order for organ recipients with Dr. David Weill; Curse of the unvaccinated! Infectious disease expert Dr. Brad Spellberg offers insight on why the unvaccinated are denied organ transplants! Heart transplant patient Colby Salerno becomes transplant doctor! Daily Power Prescription.