This Week on The Doctors

June 18 - 24, 2022
Monday, June 20 Episode #14036

Is the Tobacco Industry Targeting Teens?

The great vape debate! Is the tobacco industry targeting teens? Are your kids ‘vape sick? Daily Power Prescription. Debate panel includes Meredith Berkman, co-founder of Parents Against Vaping, Matt L. Myers, president of the campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Dr. Michael B. Siegel and psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major.

Tuesday, June 21 Episode #14041

Hidden Toxins in Your Home

Young woman sterilized; The stigma of child-free women with clinical psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry, OB/GYN Dr. Evelyn Minaya; Are your friends hurting your health with physician Dr. Nicholas Christakis; Kids poisoned at birthday party; Environmentalist toxicologist Katie Butler talks about the hidden toxins in your home; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, June 22 Episode #14027

Wife Speaks Out about Dangers of Football after NFL Husband Passes

Death by Football? Kelsey Chittick on losing her NFL husband Nate Chittick to a heart attack and his posthumous CTE diagnosis; Founder and director of the Pain Psychology Center Alan Gordon on how you can cure pain with your mind; Preserving brain health with brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen; Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus on why you might be sacrificing sleep for “me time.”; Daily Power Prescription.

Thursday, June 23 Episode #14029

Pet Skin Care Issues You Need to Know

Lifesaving service dog with the founder and executive director of The Service Dog Connection Kelly Sosa; Pet skin care issues with veterinary dermatologist Dr. Joya Griffin; Bentley: Pitbull miracle story with Maureen the co-founder of Operation ‘Pawsibility’ Project and veterinary surgeon Dr. Ray Kudej; Pet obesity with board certified nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Bullen; Pet acupuncture with veterinary acupuncturist Dr. Rachel Fuentes; Pet safety with veterinarian and medical director of Bond Vet Dr. Jeremy Kimmelstiel; Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, June 24 Episode #14005

Is Star Trek Icon Nichelle Nichols a Victim of Conservator Abuse?

Is Star Trek icon Nichelle Nichols a victim of conservator abuse? Attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza provides legal expertise; Understanding your poop in Bowel Busters with gastroenterologist and author Dr. Sabine Hazan; Dr. Dominic Sportelli takes the toxic test; Dating red flags with dating expert Jana Hocking; Daily Dose of Wellness for your brain; Daily Power Prescription.