This Week on The Doctors

November 27 - December 3, 2021
Monday, November 29 Episode #14012

How to Declutter Like a Mother!

‘90210’ actress Annalynne Mccord opens up about her childhood sexual abuse, trauma and her dissociative identity disorder diagnosis; Declutter like a mother with declutter expert Allie Cassaza; A dose of wellness for your inner child; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, November 30 Episode #14009

Is the Penis Being Impacted by the Pandemic?

‘GuyNecology’: Penis impacted by the pandemic? Discussion on diet and penile health with comic Joe DeVito and registered dietician Jim White; Lactation consultant Priscila Medina RN gives insight on armpit breast milk; How to let sleeping dogs lie in ‘The United States of Exhaustion’ with licensed veterinarian Dr. Jeremy Kimmelstiel; Resistance band workouts you can’t resist with health & fitness expert Stephanie Mansour; Towel etiquette with beauty & lifestyle expert Ashley Chennel; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, December 1 Episode #14016

The Risks and Rewards of a Uterus Transplant

It’s a wonderful womb! The risks and rewards of a uterus transplant with OB/GYN Dr. Kathleen O’Neill; Avoiding toxic femininity with Dr. Karen Ruskin; A Dose of Wellness for Motion Sickness; Can pets catch COVID: Exotic animal veterinarian Dr. Kelsey Chapman gives insight; Hacks for a healthy home with home improvement and lifestyle expert Kathryn Emery; Daily Power Prescription.

Thursday, December 2 Episode #14010

Mysterious Teen Illness Triggered by Popular Social Media App

Can TikTok cause tics? Neurologist Dr. Jen McVige explains how a popular social media app could trigger mysterious teen illness; Gastroenterologist Dr. Anthony Porto and pediatrician Dr. Dina Dimaggio explain how a popular celebrity diet could be dangerous for babies; Optometrist Dr. Brittani Carver explains how makeup can clog your eye glands; Yoga for better sex with Kat from Kama Kat Yoga; A Dose of Wellness for your brain; Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, December 3 Episode #14018