This Week on The Doctors

October 9 - 15, 2021
Monday, October 11 Episode #14014
Tuesday, October 12 Episode #14019

Is Instagram Dangerous for Teens?

Facebook bombshell! Is Instagram dangerous for teens? Insight from psychologist Dr. Lauren Hazzouri; Etiquette coach Elaine Swann looks at Karen & Ken temper tantrums! Removing the world’s largest lipoma with TLC’s Dr. Mercy; IVF Mix Up; Bio Dad Bombshell; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, October 13 Episode #14020

Eating Disorders Surge in Pandemic!

Eating Disorders Surge in Pandemic: Insight from Yale assistant professor of Psychiatry Dr. Janet Lydecker; Healthy hacks for hungry kids with celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman; Fasting with the Stars! Healthy 15-minute meals with YouTube star My Nguyen; A Dose of Wellness; Daily Power Prescription.

Thursday, October 14 Episode #14018
Friday, October 15 Episode #14002

The Doctors Investigation Uncovers Toxic Sunscreen Bombshell

The Drs. Investigate: Senior Investigative producer Leslie Marcus uncovers a toxic bombshell in the sunscreen industry! Med Spa nightmare! 5 inspections before injection! Getting your mojo back with hormone replacement therapy? Dr. Chris Asandra helps woman in menopause; Danger: Are you dating a ‘‘future faker? – Neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho gives ‘Future Faker’ warning signs; Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus is in The United States of Exhaustion: Can lettuce water help you sleep? Daily Power Prescription.