This Week on The Doctors

October 2 - 8, 2021
Monday, October 4 Episode #14002

The Doctors Investigation Uncovers Toxic Sunscreen Bombshell

The Drs. Investigate: Senior Investigative producer Leslie Marcus uncovers a toxic bombshell in the sunscreen industry! Med Spa nightmare! 5 inspections before injection! Getting your mojo back with hormone replacement therapy? Dr. Chris Asandra helps woman in menopause; Danger: Are you dating a ‘‘future faker? – Neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho gives ‘Future Faker’ warning signs; Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus is in The United States of Exhaustion: Can lettuce water help you sleep? Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, October 5 Episode #14017

NFL Champion in the Fight of His Life

NFL Champion Lional ‘Jelly Roll’ Dalton in the fight of his life; Should you resign from your job? Career tips from career coach J.T. O’Donnell and board certified clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Judy Ho; Top tips to lower cancer risks with chief medical officer of Web MD Dr. John Whyte; Most asked questions on Web MD in ‘Ask Our Doctors’; Holistic nutritionist Maria Marlowe explains seeds are the new superfood! Lowering your cortisol levels in A Dose of Wellness; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, October 6 Episode #14010

Mysterious Teen Illness Triggered by Popular Social Media App

Can TikTok cause tics? Neurologist Dr. Jen McVige explains how a popular social media app could trigger mysterious teen illness; Gastroenterologist Dr. Anthony Porto and pediatrician Dr. Dina Dimaggio explain how a popular celebrity diet could be dangerous for babies; Optometrist Dr. Brittani Carver explains how makeup can clog your eye glands; Yoga for better sex with Kat from Kama Kat Yoga; A Dose of Wellness for your brain; Daily Power Prescription.

Thursday, October 7 Episode #14012

How to Declutter Like a Mother!

‘90210’ actress Annalynne Mccord opens up about her childhood sexual abuse, trauma and her dissociative identity disorder diagnosis; Declutter like a mother with declutter expert Allie Cassaza; A dose of wellness for your inner child; Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, October 8 Episode #14001

Live Procedure: 3 Minute Treatment for Snoring

The Rock, Ashton Kutcher and Jake Gyllenhaal come clean on their bathing habits – Insight from Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra; Otolaryngologist Dr. Lee Mandel performs a live procedure to treat snoring in 3 minutes! TikToker Dani Donovan tackles ADHD; Neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho on how to navigate the vaccination conversation; Nutritionist Keri Glassman explains why everyone is drinking potato milk; Dr. Nita Landry administers a ‘Daily Dose of Wellness’ for your posture! ‘Daily Power Prescription’ with Dr. Andrew Ordon.