This Week on The Doctors

July 10 - 16, 2021
Monday, July 12 Episode #13090

Painful Withdrawals from Topical Steroids?

Dirty money: Why there might be fecal matter and cocaine in your billfold!  Spring clean your wellness; It’s the season to freshen up your homes, life, mind and health with holistic nutritionist and certified health coach Maria Marlowe and Home & lifestyle expert Kathryn EmeryWhen medicine hurts: Can you go through withdrawal from topical steroids? Parent alert: How to become an emotional scientist with parenting expert and author Donna Tetreault’s debut children’s picture book, “Dear Me: Letters to Myself, For All of My Emotions”; Healthy egg recipes with holistic nutritionist and certified health coach Maria Marlowe; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, July 13 Episode #13102

The Talking Dog and How to Teach Yours!

The talking dog and how to teach yours! Should your kids pay bills? Spike in hearing loss among young people; Botox butt injections with Dr. Sonia Batra; A cure for chronic illness with Dr. Steven Phillips; Think like a girl and thrive with psychologist and author Dr. Tracy Alloway; Retail Therapy; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, July 14 Episode #13106

Post-COVID Birthday Candle Blow-Out?

Dropped from the invite list? No Vaccination? No Invitation! Post-COVID birthday candle blow-out? Relieve stress by crying? Is Smoking on the rise? Author and life coach Mike Bayer talks about ‘coming out’ and his new book, “One Decision;” New recipes from ‘Hungry Girl’ Lisa Lillian; Astro Twins; Booze with benefits? Music is Medicine: Mat Dauzat and Heather St Marie are ‘In It Together;’ Daily Power Prescription.

Thursday, July 15 Episode #13098

The Sperm Count Crisis Men Don't Talk about

Growers vs. “showers” in guy-necology with urologist Dr. Joshua Gonzalez and comedian Joe DeVito; Medical gaslighting victim speaks out with integrated medicine and wellness expert Dr. Taz Bhatia; Pole dancing to treat trauma with Sheila Kelley the star of Netflix doc “Strip Down, Rise Up”; How to clean your bum better with home and lifestyle expert Kathryn Emery; The best & worst of canned foods with “Party in Your Plants” author Talia Pollock; Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, July 16 Episode #13109

The COVID Mental Health Crisis

Mom’s green breast milk goes viral with Dr. Dafna Ahdoot; The COVID mental health crisis with Dr. Judy Ho; Never too old to go for the ‘gold’ with Olympic silver medalist Chellsie Memmel; Best pandemic job search hacks with Tessa White, ‘the job doctor’; Helping neighbors in need at ‘the sharing table’; Daily Power Prescription.