This Week on The Doctors

June 19 - 25, 2021
Monday, June 21 Episode #13105

The One Meal a Day Diet Debate

The one meal-a-day diet debate with holistic cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise and kidney specialist Jason Fung; Dr. Tony Mills from Men’s Health Foundation on vaccinating the vulnerable: Is one shot the answer? Must have beauty fixes with Leslie Marcus; Meet the Ordons! Retail Therapy; Daily Power Prescription with Dr. Dominic Sportelli.

Tuesday, June 22 Episode #13093

Mom Guides Entire Family through COVID Recovery

Growing up around a mafia crime family! Lisa Novick Goldberg discusses how the Genovese crime family took a toll on her mental health; “Woman’s Day” editor Meaghan Murphy took full charge of her family’s COVID recovery; TikTok trader secrets on how to get a house for a bobby pin! “Heart Broken Anonymous” founder Naz Perez on finding the love that’s right for you; How to cope with narcolepsy; Demi Lovato’s slimming secrets from Chef Kay Kay; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, June 23 Episode #13036

Britney Spears Conservatorship Controversy!

Pandemic behind bars: Covid in jails; Should prison visitation be allowed during pandemic? The Britney Spears conservatorship controversy and why the pop star was compared to a comatose patient! Social media sensation Chef Shereen; ‘Menopocalypse’: Can you thrive during menopause? Can menopause help you cope with COVID? Yoga for the elderly and can it extend your life? NFL cheerleader gives back; Daily Power Prescription: Rediscover your resilience!

Thursday, June 24 Episode #13111
Friday, June 25 Episode #13115

Actress Eva LaRue on ‘Finding Love in Quarantine’

The post-pandemic plastic surgery boom -- cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ryan Neinstein demonstrates why the Brazilian Butt Lift is back; Follow up: Burn victim helped by Dr. Shehal Amid; Actress Eva LaRue on ‘Finding Love in Quarantine’; Divorce Debate: Matrimonial lawyer Ann-Margaret Carrozza lays out the 3 things you need before the split is official; Body skin care tips with Dr. Sheila Farhang; Daily Power Prescription.