This Week on The Doctors

Monday, June 7 Episode #13072

The Love Hormone and Why You Need to “Do It” or Lose It

The 5 things your hormones control with Dr. Randi Epstein; Understanding the love hormone and why you need to “do it" or lose it! with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly; Dr. Sonia Batra explains why you might have menopause face; Girl party gone menstrual with health coach Nicolle Jardim and “Period” podcast host Nat Kringoudis; Why a plant-based diet balances your hormones with Shannon Leparski; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, June 8 Episode #13087

Moms Who Get Black Out Drunk!

Moms who get black out drunk! What happens to your gut when you quit drinking with Dr. Niket Sonpal; Best friends turn out to be biological sisters! The lip and chin procedure everyone wants with Consultant Clinic’s Dr. Kevin; Gorilla Glue hair removal? Superhero teacher, Nate Evans, builds over 1,000 desks!

Wednesday, June 9 Episode #13086

How Randy Spelling Survived Hollywood Royalty!

Extreme Masking? Getting paid to get vaccinated? Needle-phobic? How Randy Spelling survived Hollywood royalty! Has your friend become your therapist and the pitfalls of co-dependency with Dr. Judy Ho; Keeping kids safe at home with pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Koenig; Giving your toddler independence with mommy blogger Kristin Malta; Meal prep power with chef Serena Poon; Daily Power Prescription. 

Thursday, June 10 Episode #13114

Spike in Post Pandemic Divorces!

Kamala Harris and Nicole Kidman’s hair stylist on the ‘look’ everyone wants this summer! Spike in post pandemic divorces – insight from attorney Ann-Margaret Carozza; Dr. Sharon Huang is the ‘American dream’ to smile about! TikTok mom Jenny Martinez shares her secret guacamole recipe! Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, June 11 Episode #13091