This Week on The Doctors

Monday, June 7 Episode #13072

The Love Hormone and Why You Need to “Do It” or Lose It

The 5 things your hormones control with Dr. Randi Epstein; Understanding the love hormone and why you need to “do it" or lose it! with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly; Dr. Sonia Batra explains why you might have menopause face; Girl party gone menstrual with health coach Nicolle Jardim and “Period” podcast host Nat Kringoudis; Why a plant-based diet balances your hormones with Shannon Leparski; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, June 8 Episode #13087

Moms Who Get Black Out Drunk!

Moms who get black out drunk! What happens to your gut when you quit drinking with Dr. Niket Sonpal; Best friends turn out to be biological sisters! The lip and chin procedure everyone wants with Consultant Clinic’s Dr. Kevin; Gorilla Glue hair removal? Superhero teacher, Nate Evans, builds over 1,000 desks!

Wednesday, June 9 Episode #13086

How Randy Spelling Survived Hollywood Royalty!

Extreme Masking? Getting paid to get vaccinated? Needle-phobic? How Randy Spelling survived Hollywood royalty! Has your friend become your therapist and the pitfalls of co-dependency with Dr. Judy Ho; Keeping kids safe at home with pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Koenig; Giving your toddler independence with mommy blogger Kristin Malta; Meal prep power with chef Serena Poon; Daily Power Prescription. 

Thursday, June 10 Episode #13114

Spike in Post Pandemic Divorces!

Kamala Harris and Nicole Kidman’s hair stylist on the ‘look’ everyone wants this summer! Spike in post pandemic divorces – insight from attorney Ann-Margaret Carozza; Dr. Sharon Huang is the ‘American dream’ to smile about! TikTok mom Jenny Martinez shares her secret guacamole recipe! The dinner party with grief is on the menu? Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, June 11 Episode #13091