This Week on The Doctors

Monday, May 17 Episode #13103

Pandemic Dating Trends

GenG: Generation germaphobe?; Hair raising trends: Beard baiting? Hat fishing? How to build your tagline with life coach Beth Weissenberger, Co-founder and vice chair of Handel Group and former NFL player Nolan Carroll; The lasting effects of systemic racism with podcasters Gloria Harrison and Carrie Clifford of ‘Hard Candy & Fruit Snacks’; Pandemic dating trends with relationship expert Devyn Simone; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, May 18 Episode #13109

The COVID Mental Health Crisis

Mom’s green breast milk goes viral with Dr. Dafna Ahdoot; The COVID mental health crisis with Dr. Judy Ho; Never too old to go for the ‘gold’ with Olympic silver medalist Chellsie Memmel; Best pandemic job search hacks with Tessa White, ‘the job doctor’; Helping neighbors in need at ‘the sharing table’; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, May 19 Episode #13111
Thursday, May 20 Episode #13095

Bully Smackdown with ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ star John Schneider

Bully Smackdown with ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ star John Schneider; Baby’s beer bong formula? Forehead reduction surgery? The energy paradox with Dr. Steven Gundry; The sleep procrastination epidemic with Dr. Michael Breus; Treating relapsing multiple sclerosis; Simple and healthy Thai food recipes with chef Nikky Phinyawatana ; Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, May 21 Episode #13108