This Week on The Doctors

Monday, May 3 Episode #13090

Painful Withdrawals from Topical Steroids?

Dirty money: Why there might be fecal matter and cocaine in your billfold!  Spring clean your wellness; It’s the season to freshen up your homes, life, mind and health with holistic nutritionist and certified health coach Maria Marlowe and Home & lifestyle expert Kathryn EmeryWhen medicine hurts: Can you go through withdrawal from topical steroids? Parent alert: How to become an emotional scientist with parenting expert and author Donna Tetreault’s debut children’s picture book, “Dear Me: Letters to Myself, For All of My Emotions”; Healthy egg recipes with holistic nutritionist and certified health coach Maria Marlowe; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, May 4 Episode #13084

Parent Alert: Snapchat Drug Dangers!

New illicit street drug killing thousands; Investigative producer Leslie Marcus uncovers the deadly synthetic opioid market; Dr. Laura Berman recounts how her 16-year-old son died after taking pills allegedly laced with fentanyl; Parent Alert: Snapchat drug dangers! Should all drugs be legalized? Heated debate with Columbia psychology professor Dr. Carl Hart and anti-drug legalization activist Will Jones III; Tighter skin in under an hour with nurse practitioner Charmaine Arnaud; Clean bathroom hacks with Melissa Maker; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, May 5 Episode #13072

The Love Hormone and Why You Need to “Do It” or Lose It

The 5 things your hormones control with Dr. Randi Epstein; Understanding the love hormone and why you need to “do it" or lose it! with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly; Dr. Sonia Batra explains why you might have menopause face; Girl party gone menstrual with health coach Nicolle Jardim and “Period” podcast host Nat Kringoudis; Why a plant-based diet balances your hormones with Shannon Leparski; Daily Power Prescription.

Thursday, May 6 Episode #13094

Joey Buttafuoco’s Daughter Opens Up about Her Dad

Joey Buttafuoco’s daughter Jessie opens up about her dad and the teenage mistress Amy Fisher who shot her mom! ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ gets a mommy makeover from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng; Hollywood actress Gabrielle Stone grew up with a famous mom has a new book, “Eat Pray #FML;” What it’s like to be a self-aware narcissist with Lee Hammock; ‘Millennial Farmer’ Zach Johnson becomes a YouTube Star! Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, May 7 Episode #13112

Celebrity Mom Rescues Daughter from the Sex and Human Branding Cult!

Mother’s Day Tribute: Celebrity mom Catherine Oxenberg rescues daughter India from Nxivm, the sex and human branding cult! A Doctors’ update: Gia beats addiction after feeling baby’s first kick behind prison bars! Hilarious mom truths with YouTube stars Cat & Nat; Fox Nation “Moms” host Rachel Duffy-Campos on parenting 9 kids! Mommy burnout! Social media star Lisa Marie Riley is “One Funny Mother.” Multitasking mom 101 with Instagram star Monica Bencomo; Daily Power Prescript