This Week on The Doctors

April 10 - 16, 2021
Monday, April 12 Episode #13057

New Deadly Drug Trend: ‘Gas Station Heroin’

Investigative producer Leslie Marcus spearheads bombshell investigation into new deadly drug trend: "Gas Station Heroin." Bulletproof coffee guru Dave Asprey on fasting shortcuts – can you fast in your sleep? Dr. Amir Karam finds the fountain of youth with the "vertical restore facelift;" When clean beauty is dirty with Dr. Monika Kiripolsky; Understanding the myths of self-love with Girl-Talk founder Sarah Pendrick; Daily Power Prescription: Silent breakfast for mental clarity.

Tuesday, April 13 Episode #13065

Shattering Myths about the COVID Vaccine!

Shattering myths about the COVID Vaccine with Dr. Brad Spellberg; TikTok COVID cures? Can a burnt orange recover your sense of taste and smell? Five tips for mental hygiene with author and neurosurgical ICU trauma nurse Tana Amen; Dr. Liza the “Hollywood Foot Fixer;” How to treat pandemic ‘maskne’ with Dr. Sonia Batra; Creating a gym at home with paper plates? Daily Power Prescription: treating ‘coronasomnia.’

Wednesday, April 14 Episode #13073

NBC News’ Natalie Morales Crusades against Alzheimer’s

NBC News’ Natalie Morales crusades against Alzheimer’s; Empowering Women to maximize cognitive health with Dr. Lisa Mosconi; Heartbreak for country superstar Michael Ray; Intimacy in a pandemic with (S)Expert Dr. Juliana Hauser; DIY Valentine’s party with event planner Jung Lee; Daily Power Prescription: Staying ‘connected’ with the one you’re with 24/7.

Thursday, April 15 Episode #13070

Pandemic Breakup Bootcamp with Author Amy Chan!

Pandemic lawsuits: Can you sue for catching COVID? Can you be sued for discriminating against an alcoholic? Judge Mary slams down the gavel on these hot legal topics! Pandemic breakup bootcamp with author Amy Chan; Multitasking mom 101 with Instagram star Monica Bencomo; “Loki” the therapy dog helping the front line; Daily Power Prescription: The right way to fight.

Friday, April 16 Episode #13056

The Radio City Rockette on the Front Lines of the Pandemic!

Kelley Bradshaw the Radio City Rockette on the front lines of the pandemic! “Biggest Loser” Star and foster parent advocate Devin Alexander’s miraculous road to motherhood; Hilarious mom truths with YouTube stars Cat & Nat; How to manage holiday expectations with Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Melody Murray Retail Therapy; Life-saving tips from ‘Southern Survival’ stars Brandon Currin and Daniel Dabbs; Daily Power Prescription: How not to overindulge during the holidays.