This Week on The Doctors

Monday, April 5 Episode #13106

Post-COVID Birthday Candle Blow-Out?

Dropped from the invite list? No Vaccination? No Invitation! Post-COVID birthday candle blow-out? Relieve stress by crying? Is Smoking on the rise? Author and life coach Mike Bayer talks about ‘coming out’ and his new book, “One Decision;” New recipes from ‘Hungry Girl’ Lisa Lillian; Astro Twins; Booze with benefits? Music is Medicine: Mat Dauzat and Heather St Marie are ‘In It Together;’ Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, April 6 Episode #13068

Making 2021 Your Best Year!

Saving small businesses in the pandemic with Dave Portnoy; Country music royalty Ashley McBryde saves music education! Making 2021 your best year with Dr. Bryan Robinson; Cosmetic surgery trends for 2021 with “Lipstick & Lipo” hosts Dr. Smita Ramanadham & Dr. Ashley Amalfi; Healthy comfort foods with Keri Glassman; Carnival cardio with Selena Watkins! Daily Power Prescription: Setting and achieving your goals.

Wednesday, April 7 Episode #13105

The One Meal a Day Diet Debate

The one meal-a-day diet debate with holistic cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, celebrity trainer Jorge Cruise and kidney specialist Jason Fung; Dr. Tony Mills from Men’s Health Foundation on vaccinating the vulnerable: Is one shot the answer? Must have beauty fixes with Leslie Marcus; Meet the Ordons! Retail Therapy; Daily Power Prescription with Dr. Dominic Sportelli.

Thursday, April 8 Episode #13063

Finding Sanity in a Zoom World

Health care and COVID in rural America; Music as medicine with Murray Hidary; Finding sanity in a Zoom world with Dr. Judy Ho; New technology to lose those quarantine pounds with Dr. Sonia Batra; How to fight bra bulge; Daily Power Prescription: Tip top you!

Friday, April 9 Episode #13058

Does COVID Destroy Your Sense of Taste?

Does COVID destroy your sense of taste? E.D. treatment for people under 40? Battling benzo addiction! Why are Benzo prescriptions on the rise? Can your thong kill you? How to “get unstuck” from COVID fatigue in 2021; New treatment for erectile dysfunction! Retail Therapy; Daily Power Prescription: Reading.