This Week on The Doctors

March 27 - April 2, 2021
Monday, March 29 Episode #13049

What You Need to Know about the Sperm Donor Black Market!

The unregulated sperm donor racket with Molly McCafferty, JD Managing Associate, Donor Sibling Registry; Making that “One Decision” to turn your life around with life coach and author Mike Bayer! Car accident saves a young man’s life with neurosurgeon Ricky R. Kalra; Dr. Ian’s weight loss champions!  Daily Power Prescription: Winter warm ups!

Tuesday, March 30 Episode #13051

Kardashian Backlash Over Superspreader Event?

Kardashian Backlash over superspreader event? The vitamin C Investigation – Can it treat COVID? Investigative producer Leslie Marcus uncovers the truth about the vitamin industry with integrative medicine specialist Dr. Daniel Monti and Dr Bita & Shawn Nasseri of ‘Euka Wellness.’ Celebrity Vivica A. Fox reveals COVID scare! Pop stars enamored with classical musician Ezinma! The workout for your face? Daily Power Prescription: The power of reading.

Wednesday, March 31 Episode #13040

Consensual Non-Monogamy on the Rise?

Is consensual non-monogamy on the rise? Understanding polyamory today and what are the rules? Tiny home trend: Downsize for mental health? TikTok dentist gets viral smiles! Daily Power Prescription: Boost your willpower.

Thursday, April 1 Episode #13052

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta's" Most Scandalous Wedding!

Inside the most scandalous wedding on the RHOA with Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill; Deborah LaBriola aka ‘Dirty Deborah Harry’ gives us the lowdown on the pandemic roller skating renaissance! Broadway star Isaac Boots offers quarantine workout! Popular news anchor Evrod Cassimy reveals COVID nightmare! Retail Therapy; Daily Power Prescription: Mindset reset.

Friday, April 2 Episode #13069

Can Head Lice Medicine Cure COVID?

Can head lice medicine cure COVID? One study shows that it could reduce the death rate of COVID by 80% by stopping the replication of the virus; Did ‘Bond’ girl Tanya Roberts die of a UTI? Chef Babette shows what it’s like to be fit & fabulous at 70! Is fat nature’s Botox? Dr. Jason Emer performs a live procedure with a new synthetic fat filler! The most embarrassing patient questions! DIY home makeover with influencer and handy woman Lindsay Dean; Daily Power Prescription: A stylistic way to eat healthier!