This Week on The Doctors

February 20 - 26, 2021
Monday, February 22 Episode #13082

Black Market Breast Milk?

Black market breast milk? Why are bodybuilders using breast milk? Insight from lactation specialist Pauline Sakamoto; Sheletta Brundidge honors family by raising awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning after family falls victim to this silent killer; ‘Fast Burn Challenge’ progress report; Celebrity trainer Jen Jacobs inspires ‘Fast Burn Challenge’ participants; Daily Power Prescription.

Tuesday, February 23 Episode #13079

Will the Vaccine Work on New Variants?

Will the vaccine work on new variants with Dr. Paul Offit and Dr. Monica Gandhi. Viral confusion over the HPV vaccine with OBGYN Dr. Thais Alibadi; Senior investigative producer Leslie Marcus spearheads a Drs. investigation on COVID shopping scams! Social media COVID shaming with psychologist Dr. Greg Cason; The COVID cosmetic boom with celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman; Daily Power Prescription: Imaginary commute for mental well-being.

Wednesday, February 24 Episode #13085

Family Heartbreak as Children Battle Rare Brain Disorder

Can your stool crack the secret to COVID with gastroenterologist Dr. Sabine Hazan; Family heartbreak as 2 children battle the rare brain disorder metachromatic leukodystrophy aka MLD with Dr. Lisa Emrick; TV chef Jernard Wells drops 60-Pounds! How to upgrade your friends with author and podcast host Laura Tremaine; “Karate Kid” teen Jeffrey Wall helps seniors through pandemic; Retail Therapy; Daily Power Prescription

Thursday, February 25 Episode #13083

The Armie Hammer Bombshell!

DailyMail TV uncovers the Armie Hammer bombshell! Country music star and author Kimberly Schlapmanis is improving lives through the power of music! How you can stop procrastination with clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho; How to dethrone your inner critic with author and psychotherapist Joanna Kleinman; Author and podcast host Gregg Clunis explains how “tiny leaps can make big changes; At-home barre workout with fitness expert Christa Rost; Daily Power Prescription.

Friday, February 26 Episode #13087

Moms Who Get Black Out Drunk!

Moms who get black out drunk! What happens to your gut when you quit drinking with Dr. Niket Sonpal; Best friends turn out to be biological sisters! The lip and chin procedure everyone wants with Consultant Clinic’s Dr. Kevin; Gorilla Glue hair removal? Superhero teacher, Nate Evans, builds over 1,000 desks!