This Week on The Doctors

February 13 - 19, 2021
Monday, February 15 Episode #13075

The COVID Teen Suicide Crisis!

The COVID Teen Crisis! Why are suicide rates soaring among teens during the pandemic? Adolescent & family psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein and family physician and resilience expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa discuss the warning signs every parent needs to know! Daily Power Prescription: Resources for teens and families in crisis.  

Tuesday, February 16 Episode #13080

Will Kim & Kanye Split during ‘Divorce Season’?

Will Kim & Kanye split during ‘Divorce Season’ or hold off for the KUWTK finale? Board certified psychiatrist and relationship expert Dr. Ish Major and divorce attorney Sonia Queralt give insight on divorce; “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Jackie wants to help you find your ‘Vagina Personality’; Everyone is wagging their tail for the TikTok veterinarian, Dr. Hunter Finn; The popular workout trend going global: Kukuwa African dance; Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, February 17 Episode #13081

Dr. Drew Pinsky Opens up about His Battle with COVID

Dr. Drew Pinsky opens up about his battle with COVID and how the popular TV doctor is feeling today; Should prisoners receive the COVID vaccine? Why is Pennsylvania allowing smokers to cut the vaccine line? Nick Mathews talks about growing up in an abusive household and how it has helped mold his work as an actor and advocate for abused children; Retail Therapy; The hike that inspired Oprah Winfrey: Outdoor Afro creator Rue Mapps talks about connecting the African American community with exploring the outdoors; Daily Power Prescription.

Thursday, February 18 Episode #13074

Can COVID Cause Infertility?

Can COVID cause infertility? Controversial treatment for chronic pain with Dr. Howard Schubiner; Can you retrain the brain to switch the pain off? At-home COVID treatments go viral! Dr. Ben Talei on the best lip filler alternative! The healthy veggie egg bake with health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour; Daily Power Prescription: Gratitude journal for better sleep.

Friday, February 19 Episode #13076

Would You Take a Sex Ed Class…with Your Mom?

Would You Take a Sex Ed Class…With Your Mom? Sex education expert Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski gives insight into sex education during the pandemic; Women’s careers pummeled by the pandemic! Diversity & inclusion strategist Dorianne St. Fleur on how women can re-enter the workforce; Why we fall for medical myths with Emmy Award-winning journalist Dr. Seema Yasmin; Dating deal breakers with matchmaker Devyn Simone and the 3 most important things to look for when looking for Mr. Right; Creating your daily fun zone with podcast host Annie F. Downs; The Drs. Mind-Body Minute with Nicole Fevrier Davis; Daily Power Prescription: The health benefits of writing by hand.