This Week on The Doctors

January 9 - 15, 2021
Monday, January 11 Episode #13058

Does COVID Destroy Your Sense of Taste?

Does COVID destroy your sense of taste? E.D. treatment for people under 40? Battling benzo addiction! Why are Benzo prescriptions on the rise? Can your thong kill you? How to “get unstuck” from COVID fatigue in 2021; New treatment for erectile dysfunction! Retail Therapy; Daily Power Prescription: Reading.

Tuesday, January 12 Episode #13028

The Beef vs. Plant-Based Burger Taste Off!

Are plant-based burgers healthier? Beef vs. plant-based burger taste off! New CBS All Access docuseries, "That Animal Rescue Show”: Hope through Horse Therapy"; Pivot profile: The security guard who became a doctor! Pregnant in a pandemic: Are pregnant women at higher risk for COVID? Daily Power Prescription: Home safety.

Wednesday, January 13 Episode #13041

Rachael Ray Rebounds after Tragedy

Investigative producer Leslie Marcus leads The Drs. COVID investigation. Can stem cells cure COVID? The FDA and the FTC are cracking down on products claiming to treat COVID; Experts include: Jack Zamora MD, Dr. Monica Gandhi and Harvard law school professor Glenn Cohen; Daily Power Prescription: Daily Rituals.

Thursday, January 14 Episode #13039

Teens Targeted by Social Media and the Dangers!

Teens targeted by social media and the dangers with Emily Roberts; How you can live to 100 with author Dan Buettner; Young author Casey Landman creates book, ‘Casey the Frog’ to help kids going through medical challenges; Tennis pro Celia Quintero shares training tips for everyone; How to diagnose your child’s rash with Dr. Brandi Kenner-Bell; How to boost vitamin D in your diet with Keri Glassman; Daily Power Prescription: Music is Medicine.

Friday, January 15 Episode #13022

Sex Ed for Adults?

Will COVID cause a baby boom? Virtual birth coaching? Pivot to zoom wine tasting with Holly Berrigan and Rania Zayyat; Sex education for adults with Dr. Emily Morse; Couple shares their dream life in a van? Teen makes look-a-like dolls for kids in need; Father/Daughter beatbox duo goes viral with 260 million views! Daily Power Prescription: Learn a new skill.