This Week on The Doctors

January 2 - 8, 2021
Monday, January 4 Episode #13007

Pandemic Sex Trends with Sexologist Shan Boodram

Pandemic sex trends with sexologist Shan Boodram; Genius foods with celebrity chef Max Lugavere; Understanding pandemic pet behavior; Does ‘Toby’ suffer separation anxiety from Sofia? The ‘Glamour Girls’ conquer senior isolation; Marathon tips with fitness pro Alysha Flynn: How to hit the virtual pavement; Daily Power Prescription: Gratitude.

Tuesday, January 5 Episode #13002

Dancing Viral Superstar!

How to cope with COVID-19: sleep schedule, news overload, nature! Dr. Dominic Sportelli on the “never ending happy hour!” Dr. On Demand: Telemedicine in a pandemic! The dancing doctor who became a viral sensation! Would you buy a $1.5 million dollar mask? Homemade COVID costume? Can a vegan diet cure acne? Telemedicine in a pandemic: Dr. On Demand; Getting organized in the Daily Power Prescription.

Wednesday, January 6 Episode #13045

Brussels Terrorist Attack Survivor Shares Story of Hope

Adam Carolla unloads on COVID and “cancel culture.” Young survivor of Brussels Airport terrorist attack shares her story of hope and courage; Lisa Swayze fighting for pancreatic cancer research funds; Figure skating gold medalist and cancer survivor Scott Hamilton talks about his new podcast ‘Live Your Life.’ ‘Hungry for Happiness’ author Samantha Skelly discusses the use of breathwork to combat eating disorders; Daily Power Prescription: Triumph over trauma.

Thursday, January 7 Episode #13001

Michael Franti Cuts Hit Record in Quarantine!

How to spot COVID-19 in kids; Wellness check on kids regressing during the pandemic; Top 5 tips for parents during the pandemic; Musician/Activist/Philanthropist Michael Franti has creative renaissance in lockdown; Keri Glassman on secret foods to de-stress; Can aromatherapy improve your love life?  Daily Power Prescription: Dr. Ian’s home/office exercise routine!

Friday, January 8 Episode #13004

Wisdom From Woman with 200 Plants!

The psychology of quarantine with Dr. Judy Ho; COVID-19 patient zero recounts his medical odyssey; Can the controversial Quercetin cure COVID-19? What will you leave when you’re “gone” and the popularity of the “Please Open in Event of My Death Book;” How to beat procrastination now! A peek inside the apartment of the New York City “Plant Woman!” Daily Power Prescription: Laughter as medicine.