This Week on The Doctors

December 5 - 11, 2020
Monday, December 7 Episode #13054

The COVID Lockdown Workout!

Adele and Kelly Osborne top the list of 2020’s biggest celebrity transformations! Medical racism: kidney transplant controversy; Gridiron great Trent Shelton on transforming lives! The COVID lockdown workout with Lacey Stone! Finding your worthiness with worthiness coach Gail Jones; Daily Power Prescription: Kitchen hacks.

Tuesday, December 8 Episode #13056

The Radio City Rockette on the Front Lines of the Pandemic!

Kelley Bradshaw the Radio City Rockette on the front lines of the pandemic! “Biggest Loser” Star and foster parent advocate Devin Alexander’s miraculous road to motherhood; Hilarious mom truths with YouTube stars Cat & Nat; How to manage holiday expectations with Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Melody Murray Retail Therapy; Life-saving tips from ‘Southern Survival’ stars Brandon Currin and Daniel Dabbs; Daily Power Prescription: How not to overindulge during the holidays.

Wednesday, December 9 Episode #13038

COVID Aftermath: Brain Fog?

COVID aftermath: brain fog? Discussion with Erica Taylor, Dr. Dona Kim Murprey and Dr. Sue Varma; Sex after heart attack with Dr. Aaron Spitz; “X Factor” star Ally Brooke stays true to herself; A guide for zoom helicopter parents with parenting expert Donna Tetreault; Katie Austin joins her iconic mom Denise in the fitness biz; Daily Power Prescription: Self-esteem

Thursday, December 10 Episode #13019

COVID-19 Long-Haulers?

What are COVID Long-Haulers? Dr. Chopra: World going through grief; The Doctors’ Word Power Book Club! Drs. Update: Gia beats addiction after feeling baby’s first kick behind bars! Mayor Bloomberg donates $100 million to black medical colleges! Fitness mom gets breast cancer? Kids ask Dr. Ian: How do germs get in your body? Why do kids lose their baby teeth? Daily Power Prescription: Health benefits of reading.

Friday, December 11 Episode #13020

Maskne Solutions Are Here!

College COVID parties and catching COVID on campus; COVID vaccine trial participant diary and how vaccines work; What causes ‘maskne’ and how to treat it! The risk of dining out in a pandemic! Can green light therapy treat migraines? Boy saves world with books and his plans to rid Florida of plastic bags; Daily Power Prescription: Digital detox.