This Week on The Doctors

November 21 - 27, 2020
Monday, November 23 Episode #13053

LeAnn Rimes’ Private Struggle with Psoriasis

LeAnn Rimes’ private struggle with psoriasis; Hosts of the hit podcast, “Alec Mapa: Hot Mess with Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey” discuss COVID coping skills; Pandemic plastic surgery trends with Dr. Drew Ordon: Fat pad injections for your feet? Otoplasty for your ears? How and when to breakup up with your best friend with Dr. Melanie Ross Mills; The 10-minute workout with Jennifer Jacobs; Retail Therapy; Daily Power Prescription: Power nap benefits.

Tuesday, November 24 Episode #13041

Rachael Ray Rebounds after Tragedy

Investigative producer Leslie Marcus leads The Drs. COVID investigation. Can stem cells cure COVID? The FDA and the FTC are cracking down on products claiming to treat COVID; Experts include: Jack Zamora MD, Dr. Monica Gandhi and Harvard law school professor Glenn Cohen; Daily Power Prescription: Daily Rituals.

Wednesday, November 25 Episode #13045

Brussels Terrorist Attack Survivor Shares Story of Hope

Adam Carolla unloads on COVID and “cancel culture.” Young survivor of Brussels Airport terrorist attack shares her story of hope and courage; Lisa Swayze fighting for pancreatic cancer research funds; Figure skating gold medalist and cancer survivor Scott Hamilton talks about his new podcast ‘Live Your Life.’ ‘Hungry for Happiness’ author Samantha Skelly discusses the use of breathwork to combat eating disorders; Daily Power Prescription: Triumph over trauma.

Thursday, November 26 Episode #13013

Tommy Davidson Adoption Shocker!

What is a COVID-19 waiver and should you sign? Advice from Attorney Carissa Kranz; Infectious disease specialist Dr. Brad Spellberg breaks down the risks of COVID transmission at indoor events and how the holidays and holiday travel will be impacted by the pandemic! Actor Tommy Davidson opens up about being adopted by a “color blind” family; How HIV diagnosis impacted Hollywood insider Karl Schmid; 10-year-old twins put positive spin on the pandemic and create for a cause! TikTok teachers become viral rap stars! Dog goes on 10,000-mile journey around the globe to reunite with his long-lost family; Daily Power Prescription: Step up and give back!

Friday, November 27 Episode #13003

Form before Function in Mask Couture?

Cracking the COVID conundrum? The Drs. Special Investigation: Form before function in mask couture? Curbing COVID tech chaos with tech expert Sarah Evans; Trending: Pandemic journals; A quarantine skin fast? Daunting connection between COVID, T cells and the common cold; Immunity boost or bust?