This Week on The Doctors

October 10 - 16, 2020
Monday, October 12 Episode #13019

COVID-19 Long-Haulers?

What are COVID Long-Haulers? Dr. Chopra: World going through grief; The Doctors’ Word Power Book Club! Drs. Update: Gia beats addiction after feeling baby’s first kick behind bars! Mayor Bloomberg donates $100 million to black medical colleges! Fitness mom gets breast cancer? Kids ask Dr. Ian: How do germs get in your body? Why do kids lose their baby teeth? Daily Power Prescription: Health benefits of reading.

Tuesday, October 13 Episode #13006

Actress Kim Fields!

Are mask exemption letters really legit? Actress and director Kim Fields talks about balancing life and the stigma surrounding mental health in the black community. Money expert Jean Chatzky gives key tips to managing your cash flow during Coronavirus. Lizzie Post shares important tips and guidelines to safely dining out. #Medbikini controversy: Should doctors post bikini pics on social media? A 90-year-old man takes his power back by coming out! Plus, how to face your fears head on!

Wednesday, October 14 Episode #13009

Phaedra Parks Tries Hypnosis for COVID Anxiety!

COVID confusion! COVID cyberchondria! Debate: Is COVID airborne? Are you suffering from medical student syndrome? Hypnosis for COVID anxiety with reality star Phaedra Parks; Toxic Positivity? COVID classroom: Virtual learning pros & cons; Defocus: Trust your instincts; Dr. Ordon discusses pandemic plastic surgery trends! The power of sleep! Daily Power Prescription: JOMO: The joy of missing out!


Thursday, October 15 Episode #13029

Actress Catherine Oxenberg and Daughter India Come to The Doctors

The Nxivm Cult: Actress Catherine Oxenberg and daughter India come to The Doctors in a shocking interview about their involvement and ultimate escape from the Nxivm cult! The sex rituals and bizarre human brandings! With a promise of self-empowerment, the cult manipulated its members into sex slaves! How a mother helped her daughter escape!

Friday, October 16 Episode #13011

Sex Parties during a Pandemic?

How do you date during coronavirus and are sex parties really happening during the pandemic? Comedian and actor Alec Mapa and psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey, co-hosts of the new wellness podcast "Hot Mess", give insight into the millennial mental health crisis. Celebrity makeup artist turned entrepreneur Bobbi Brown shares her inspirational story on how she successfully pivoted her career. Plus, key tips on how to safely go back to the office. The top cleaning techniques and what to look for in your products when cleaning; And a 102-year old woman shares her story of surviving coronavirus, the Spanish flu and cancer!