This Week on The Doctors

September 5 - 11, 2020
Monday, September 7 Episode #12030

The Drs. Investigate DIY Cosmetic Procedures

The Doctors investigate DIY cosmetic procedures. A woman spearheading the DIY beauty movement takes on The Doctors. Would you use black market cosmetic injectables? A new device claims to fill lips without a needle. A cosmetic nurse shares harrowing stories of injections gone bad. A victim of a fake cosmetic injector shares her story.

Tuesday, September 8 Episode #12062

Veteran Gets Groundbreaking Penile Transplant!

A veteran gets a groundbreaking penile transplant after being injured in combat. A new study shows men who take small steps may be more prone to having ED! Can virtual reality at children’s hospitals help make medical procedures easier and less painful? One girl has a seizure after inhaling the helium from a balloon! The doctors investigate the practice of families rehoming adopted children on the internet! Tips to battling the flu with Doctors On Demand! Justin Bieber is spotted getting a vitamin drip! And the recipe for a smoothie to help increase your focus!

Wednesday, September 9 Episode #12028
Thursday, September 10 Episode #12313
Friday, September 11 Episode #12089

Get Abs after Pregnancy with the 'Abs Doctor'!

A massage with your STD test? Every 15 minutes an American dies from a drug-resistant superbug? Infectious disease expert Dr. Ravina Kullar explains how you can protect yourself. Get abs after pregnancy with the “Abs Doctor”! Singer Ali McManus has a rare form Osteogenesis Imperfecta, but doesn’t let that stop her! Why People are Photoshopping their knuckles?