This Week on The Doctors

August 29 - September 4, 2020
Monday, August 31 Episode #12117

Treating ADHD without Drugs?

Why parents are flocking to Brain Balance Centers? Can they treat children without drugs? The big debate: treating ADHD without drugs? Mother seeks help for son’s learning challenges.

Tuesday, September 1 Episode #12025

The Drs. Debate: Is Porn Addiction Real?

The Drs. Debate: Is porn addiction real? Meet the man who says porn addiction destroyed his life. Could adult film be as addictive as drugs? Plus, the controversial parenting hack: beat toys to get kids to eat? Then, breast cancer specialist Dr. Kristi Funk shares her recipe for her cancer fighting “breasturrito!” And, did Kanye West Eat his own ear wax?

Wednesday, September 2 Episode #12084

Woman Amputates Leg to Save Her Unborn Baby!

Inspiring story of a mom who decided to amputate her leg after a motorcycle crash to save her unborn baby! #DropTheSugar Dollar Store challenge proves you can eat healthy on a budget! Hundreds of women getting scammed with pregnancy congratulations cards? CBD vending machines coming to a convenience store near you!

Thursday, September 3 Episode #12021

What Is the Experimental MeRT Treatment for Autism?

A mother shares her story about the difficulties of raising a non-verbal son with autism. Another mother shares her experience with an experimental treatment being used for autistic children called MeRT. New study shows that 3 cups of coffee may trigger your migraine! Justin Bieber’s tips for dealing with anxiety!

Friday, September 4 Episode #12004

Woman’s Botched Breast Nightmare!

A woman whose botched breast procedure led her to getting MRSA comes to The Doctors for help! FDA approves new weight loss drug -- could it work for you? How an Indiana mom almost lost her leg in a hot tub! Plus, new details about the free DNA test scamming senior citizens!